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Udon & Soba

(Served w. Soup & Salad)

Udon (Noodles)

Nabe Yaki Udon
Noodles soup with chicken, fish cake, vegetables, egg and 1 piece of shrimp tempura.
Chicken Udon
Sauteed noodles with chicken and vegetables
Shrimp Udon
Sauteed noodles with shrimp and vegetables
Seafood Udon
Sauteed noodles with seafood and vegetables

Japanese Yaki Soba

(Pan Fried Wheat Noodle)
Vegetable Yaki Soba 15.50
Chicken Yaki Soba 17.50
Shrimp Yaki Soba 17.50
Seafood Yaki Soba 18.50